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Sony KV-AW212N60
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Sony KV-AW212N60

PhP 9,990.00  

Mall Price As of June 24, 2009
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The KV-AW212N60 features Sparkling WEGA 2.0, 5-Band Graphic Equalizer and built-in FM Radio Function. The AW212N60 have intelligent signal booster, sparkling WEGA, intelligent picture plus, intelligent picture signal indicator and color temperature.

Colour System : PAL, SECAM, NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43
TV System : M

Tube : FD Trinitron
Screen Size (Measured Diagonally) : 51cm

Picture Circuitry
Sparkling WEGA : Yes (Sparkling WEGA 2.0)
Intelligent Picture PLUS : Yes
Intelligent Picture Signal Indicator : Yes
Intelligent Signal Booster : Yes
Colour Temperature : Yes
Picture Mode : Vivid, Standard, Custom

Stereo System : MTS
Surround : Yes
Speaker System : 1-Way 2-Speaker
Audio Power : 4W + 4W
Sound Feature : 5-Band Graphic Equalizer, Intelligent Volume
Sound Mode : Dynamic, Standard, Custom

Advanced Features
WEGA GATE Navigator : Yes
Program Edit : Yes
Picture Rotation : Yes (Applicable to some countries depending on the available versions)
Initial Setup Menu : Yes
FM Radio Function : Yes (Stereo/Mono)
Wake-Up Timer Beep : Yes

Front In: A/V In : x 1
Rear In: A/V In : x 1
Rear In: DVD Component In (Y/CB/CA) : x 1
Rear In: Monitor Out : x 1 (Applicable to some countries depending on the available versions)

Remote Control : RM-GA002
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 600 x 465 x 481 mm
Weight : 25kg
Power Consumption : 108W (Standby 1W or less)
Power Requirements : 50/60 Hz, Auto Volt 110 - 240V (Narrow Volt 220 - 240V may be applicable to some countries depending on the available versions)

Type CRT
Size 21
Style Standard
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