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 Canon PowerShot G1X - Your Dream Compact Camera
Date Posted : May 07, 2012

Canon PowerShot G1X - Your Dream Compact Camera


Canon, a world leader in digital imaging, has released a new compact camera for camera enthusiasts who want nothing but the best. The compact Canon PowerShot G1X adopts powerful EOS technologies and large CMOS sensor to capture amazingly high-quality photos, for those who desire the power of an EOS camera in a smaller package.

The classic, stately look of the 14.3-megapixel PowerShot G1X says it all: this sophisticated, no-nonsense camera is designed for photography enthusiasts. Its streamlined design combines simplicity and functionality; its various controls easily accessible on an ergonomically-designed body that provides users with a good stable grip. There is even a front control dial for full manual control, and an optical viewfinder; features normally found in Digital SLRs.

According to Yoshiro Udagawa, General Manager of Canon's Digital Consumer Products Development Center One, the PowerShot G1X was born when Canon heard feedback from users who wondered when a “dream compact camera” with the CMOS sensors found in Canon's Digital SLRs would come about. As such, the core technology powering the PowerShot G1X is a large 1.5-type CMOS sensor, designed specially for the G1X to give it the best image quality a compact could hope to achieve. Larger sensors are more sensitive and provide better pictures, and this unique CMOS sensor is over four times larger than the CMOS sensors found in most compact cameras. With its size, it is able to achieve the attractive depth-of-field background blurs that DSLRs are famous for, as well as capturing more beautiful hand-held night photos.

Paired with this powerful CMOS sensor is a DIGIC 5 imaging processor - the same processor currently powering Canon's high-end Digital SLR cameras. The combination of CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5 allows the PowerShot G1X to take 14.3-megapixel photographs at ISO speeds of up to an incredibly high 12,800. Higher ISO speeds allow for sharper images in all kinds of conditions, such as low-light environments or when photographing fast-moving subjects. This is normally associated with image noise, but the DIGIC 5's enhanced processing power reduces noise to preserve image quality even the highest of ISO speeds. Mr. Udagawa sums up the G1X's capabilities like this: “Basically, this is an almighty camera that has expanded the realm of shooting for scenes that you would have given up shooting before, from bright daylight to pitch dark scenes.”

The DIGIC 5's ability to handle large amounts of data also results in a powerful high speed burst mode, capturing 4.5 shots per second at high quality. With this level of speed, users will be able to snap dynamic action shots with the assurance that they'll capture that one perfect frame. To make the most of all this visual data, the PowerShot G1X can save photos in 14-bit RAW format. Common for Digital SLR cameras, the respected RAW format is favored by professionals because it preserves more image data, and grants more flexibility when it comes to touch-ups. The lens built into the PowerShot G1X is a 4x zoom 28mm lens. This versatile lens is suitable for most scenarios, which takes away the hassle of changing camera lenses for different situations. When it comes to taking dynamic photographs, users can frame their shots using the 3-inch vari-angle LCD monitor. This adjustable monitor flips out for easy viewing at almost all angles, so users will be able to frame their shots perfectly, whether it's a high-angle or low-angle shot. The PowerShot G1 X retails for Php 37,498 and comes with free 3-year warranty.

To find out more about the Canon PowerShot G1X or other Canon products, please visit

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