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MBQuart RVF-216

MBQuart RVF-216

PhP 13,500.00  

Mall Price As of Febuary 23, 2010
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The woofers of the RVF series are equipped with polypropylene membranes and 25 mm vibration coils with perpendicular wound flat wire on Kapton voice-coil former. For acoustic optimization, the neck of the coil is covered and held in shape by a newly developed plastic beading around the replaceable plastic phase-plug. The tweeter unit uses a 2-piece 19 mm titanium housing with high-elasticity plastic beading. The tweeter system also has a solid metal housing for optimum cooling of the neodymium solenoid and vibration coil. With its extremely compact dimensions, the tweeter can be installed without any problem even in small original installation compartments.

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PhP 13,500.00

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